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Hello visitor.

country The Netherlands

city Spijkenisse

This is the website of Time2linedance for when you want to go Linedancing.

Time2linedance is New Line Dance anno 2.0

In Spijkenisse you can do Line dance at various locations with us.

Our group consists of a number of dance teachers who teach in a casual way but based on level.

Have you never done Line Dance, or have you been doing Line Dance for some time, we will teach you the basics or bring you to a higher level.

All this is done on contemporary music, but also on original country music.

Like level from Ultra beginners to advanced from funky to children.

We are located in various locations in Spijkenisse.

At every location, lessons are given at various levels.

You will be listened to at Time2linedance and based on this, lessons will be given in various styles.

For example on country, latin, pop or other kind of music.

You get updated dances and depending on the group (North Dancers, City Dancers, Maas Dancers) every week or every week or once a month just what the people indicate and can handle.

These dances are performed by Erica van der Noll, also manager of our Events and CD evenings.

If you want to go to a Line Dance Event or Festival, you can participate in many of the completed dances.

If you like more extreme music and dancing, Time2linedance can also offer you that.

We also have a group de (StudioT2LD) where you get lessons with movements from the Hip Hop Salsa Jive scene.

This lesson is given by Joran van der Noll who, in addition to dancing from lessons from the top.

Also selects the music from the top 40, for example, to make his own choreography on it.

In addition to adults, we do not forget the children from the age of 8, we also teach them.

This group (T2LD) gets Newline dancing canceled out.

This is done partly playfully and partly seriously.

As we offer various levels, they can easily move on to another group with us, where they can get lessons at a higher level.

Do you want to get a Workshop or Demonstration from us?

Or maybe hire our Dj Jor, you can send us an email with your wishes and questions, so that we can make you a personal offer.

You can see that as Time2linedance we are familiar in many Line dance markets, so that you can always learn to dance with one of the groups.

You can do this all alone. A partner is not necessary to be able to dance Line.

The members of Time2linedance are 8 to 86 years old, so don't hesitate and join us or come and see us.

There is always some kind of location of Time2linedance in your area.

There is also a logo available at Time2linedance that can be printed on clothing.

If interested or for the price, send an email.

For questions and information you can reach us by e-mail or you can call us.

Have fun on our website and maybe see you at one of our locations or at your location.